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Take the hassle out of applying for jobs with the MyJobCal calendar approach to job search. Track appointments, calls, jobs applied for, and more. It's easy to use and you can search popular job boards right from your own personal job calendar. Everything's arranged by date. No more duplicate applications or missed appointments!

Job Searches

  1. Search job boards by region, city and/or zip code.
  2. Save your searches and run them any time you want. Save different searches for different job types or areas of town.
  3. Easy to use. Just type in some descriptive words like a job title or skill along with a region to search in.

Application Tracking

  1. Track all of your applications from the time you first see the job posted through completion.
  2. Track phone appointments, date resumes sent, in person interviews - EVERYTHING related to your job search!
  3. Know where all your applications stand with an easy to use job calendar!

Job Opening Management

  1. Save jobs you've applied for so they're authomatically tracked.
  2. Permanently remove jobs you're not interested in so they don't clutter future searches.
  3. Save job search queries and run them any time you want to see the lastest results!